Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Squash me

< carnival squash

butternut squash>

I used one of each to make tonight's dinner, a pasta dish vaguely modeled on this Mario Batali recipe. Very good, even though I had rather a free hand with the crushed red pepper and it came out spicier than I'd like.

I made it with whole wheat pasta, and a perfect combination of texture. Plus, this would make a terrific vegan dish as well - I adore cheese, but this would be just fine without it.

This may be the healthiest thing I have ever cooked.

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Dawn on MDI said...

Hmmm. Never tried that carnival squash stuff. My old New England roots require me to cut up butternut squash and cook it nearly to death each thanksgiving. I think my DNA might unravel if I were to entertain the idea of an alternative kind of gourd. Maybe next week, though. I bet it would be good with little bits of pork sauteed in there, too. Or maybe chicken. Hmmm. Thinking now...

Gotta say this is a very cool blog.