Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Hi. It's actually February, when I'm writing this. I wanted to amend the historical record.

That the reason I didn't post much in September, October, or at all in November, is that it turns out that 'annoying cough" i refer in Sept? WHOOPING COUGH. Then PNEUMONIA. Which was actually kind of positive, because I neither I nor my family or employer thought that I was actually sick. Just a little cough. So I didn't take any time off, didn't get any mom dispensation, etc etc.

I got diagnosed with pneumonia on the Thursday of Halloween weekend, and spent the next 5 days in bed. I missed trick-or-treating (sad) but I also missed exposing all Ian's little friends to my germy self (very good.)

So this was "the fall I had pneumonia."

Now back to our story.