Wednesday, February 28, 2007

breifly - a couple, maybe 3 weeks ago, we had the Week of Vomit.

Ian started Saturday night. (Babies, it seems, are weirdly non-plussed by throwing up, though it freaks their poor mothers the F out. He had never thrown up before! I was busily paging through The 3am Book, a resource that tells you, in effect, when to take your kid to the emergency room. 3am, I'm sitting in bed, hyperventilating, trying to read this book. Ian, having surrendered his stomach contents and now feeling utterly fabulous, is standing beside me, naked, trying to wrestle the book out of my hands because it has a picture of a dog - a boy hugging a dog - on the cover."DAAAAH!!! he yells, and slaps the book.)

(So, while I may remember the night as the start of the Week of Vomit, Ian will recall it as the night that Mama wouldn't let him read the Dog Book. She's so mean.)

Anyway, he felt better immediately. I took the Tues-Wed-Thurs shift, and then Eric came in to finish the week strong, narrrowly missing a trip to the ER for intravenous fluids.

That was also the week that Betsy Misplaced the $600 Drugs. (I found them eventually.) They're actually very effective - it's a special anti-nausea drug that dissolves in your mouth, so you don't have to be able to keep water down in order to take them. They're rather miraculous. Chemo patients take them. Chemo patients, and my husband.

It's a good thing we have some left over.

It's back.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy update III

The Chili Peppers are incredibly boring. There's really no excuse - I don't think that 'low energy' is their normal setting.

So here's a picture of someone interesting. Though he's not on the Grammys this year, he's been on in the past, since every one of his albums has been nominated, plus he was the RIA Vice Chair for several years:

Kurt rules. This is Kurt Elling, composer, poet, music historian, great great great jazz vocal talent. Charming fellow. Just lovely.
his website.

Grammy Update II

One day, the people who love James Blunt will shrug with embarrassment, unable to imagine what they could possibly have been thinking of.

Like people my age think of Leo Sayer, or Tommy Two-Tone.

Grammy Update.

I do believe that Ornette Coleman is going to die of a stroke from having to give Carrie Underwood an award.

Also, didn't Andy look pissed?

Worst dress: Natalie Mains' performance costume.
Best jacket: Common's grey leather Nehru.

OH WAIT! We have a new contender for worst dress: Smoky Robinson's outfit.
New Rule: If you are a man, and you are planning to wear a beaded lace blouse and satin leggings to perform, do not accessorize with two diamond hoop earrings.

Um, unless you're David Johannsen.

In 1974.

dance like a monkey

Video lights are not a friend to David Johannsen.

Caught a little bit of the reconsitiuted New York Dolls on Soundstage this afternoon.

I was kind a Dolls fan in theory. Which is to say, they broke up in like 1977, so I sort of missed them. Plus they only made 2 albums, and they weren't exactly the sort of thing that you'd find in the Sam Goody's in Selinsgrove. So I had read about them, gasped in nervous delight over their scandalous press photos in the Village Voice... but I hadn't really heard them.

Of course I like them. Their songs are kind of like Ramones discards - rejected for lacking subtlety - but for my money, thats's still pretty good. Only two of the original members (David Johannsen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain) are still alive, but the replacement guys played great.

Johannsen not so much. His voice wasn't great in the 70s; on Soundstage, he was visibly winded a bunch of times. Also - seriously, dude, sleeveless was a bad idea. He's thin enough, but his 'Hi Helen' action could certainly have been managed better.

But hey look!

Check out the newsboy cap with the blue jean stitching. With the little pocket.

The first boy who I french-kissed was wearing that hat. At the time.

Monday, February 05, 2007

via Bob Carlton.

Had a lovely meandering phone conversation with a friend today - one who lives in upstate NY. I thought I would check on her, thinking that she was in the path of the snow. No snow to speak of, although it has been about -500 degrees there, so thst'a rather inconvenient. It's in the single digits here, which I thought was awful until talking to N.; I didn't even leave the house today. I of course am fearless in the face of icy blasts, being as I am from UP NORTH.

Confession: Of course, that's utterly bogus. In the first place, it's only central Pennsylvania that I'm from, not the Yukon; and, in truth, the weather where I grew up is milder on both sides, both warmer in winter and cooler in summer, than it is here.

Anyway, though I am fearless, I couldn't possibly expose my innocent baby to the skin-chapping, weenie-shrinking cold, even in his practically uncountable layers of adorable baby clothes.

Have you noticed my sarcastic new tags? It's my protest against the New and Allegedly Improved Blogger. You HAVE TO upgrade, and when you do, you HAVE TO get yourself Yahoo! account. THIS is why we will one day run out of bandwidth, people. Because I am REQUIRED to have 40 different identities in cyberspace.

Soon I will have another, since I will also be forced to upgrade my Flickr account, which will require me to add on a Google i.d.

Did you know my husband has 14 email addresses? I just chided him for not having a GMail address, and he hopped online, and now he has another.

The tags are also an homage toLaid-Off Dad.