Saturday, January 30, 2010

lazy Saturday

Snow: 3 inches and still falling like crazy.
Husband: drove an hour to entertain at a one-year-old's birthday party in Frederick.
Entertainment here: Ice Age 3, the Emperor's New Groove.
Lunch: Avocado burritos
Also made: apple/cranberry cobbler - far from perfect (a little too wet, the topping isn't as crispy as I imagined, but hey - it's homemade cobbler. How bad can it be?)
and spicy Chai, in my seemingly eternal quest to make some as good as I get at Sorrettis for a dollar. I'm closer today than usual.

My son now - at nearly 6 - want to go out and play in the snow. I told him that would mean putting on a whole lot of clothes, to which he has in theory agreed. (I imagine he'll punt when he's about half-way dressed. I know I would. He has requested his 'turtletop'. (It's a long-sleeved knit shirt with that high call it something similar. We speak our own language here.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ooooh - I changed my mind. Buy me this instead.

2 minutes ago, I had no idea these existed. Now I am devoting my night to acquiring one. And maybe some for gifts.

somebody buy me this

just kidding, they're sold out. (But if they weren't, they'd be here.)

The Dude and I have been 'batchin' it' for a couple of days now, while World's Best Husband is off at a convention. EVERYTHING has gone completely to shit around here. Hygene, discipline, nutrition, housekeeping. Everything. We have to turn into the white tornado tomorrow (which means I will be whirling around cleaning and the Dude will be motionless in front of Fanboy and Chumchum, which is okay with me.)

I have been remiss at participating in the @platea knitting project. Haven't lifted a finger on that, either.

I did make Rice Krispie Treats tonight.

For dinner.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

yeah, we recycled our tree too.


and speaking of knitting:

IF you craft, you may think this is interesting. I do.

Basically, all over the world, a whole bunch of people will be making art (or perhaps just making stuff) at the same time, following instructions from people on Twitter. It's mostly targetted at knitters, and there'll be some knitting technical talk and especially abbreviation in the tweets, but the writer specifically mentions that it would be interesting to see how other art forms interpret the instructions.

Obviously I won't be knitting with my Blackberry in hand (right, picture THAT) for the entire duration of the 'performance piece.'
/DIGRESSION: In all probability, I will have no audience, so with my theatre background it's hard for me to think of this as a performance... but it is people all over the world performing an action, intentionally, at the same time. So that's what it's called. A performance. I am being held back by the old-fashioned art education, obviously./disgression/

Anyway, I can probably devote an hour a day to this, evenings, on the days it's happening (Jan 25-29.) I'll document it here. Somehow. I am fascinated by this idea.

off to retweet -

I said I would return.

Or, maybe I didn't. I wasn't actually sure that I would return. I had a brief and mild stomach bug, which wouldn't be a big deal for a normal person but made me whine uncontrollably. (In actual fact, what I was doing uncontrollably was shivering. For HOURS.)

There is nothing like a couple of awful days to make you appreciate just how fabulous your regular days are.

I should have that made into one of those huge vinyl wall decals, and put it where I would see it upon waking up in the morning.

Anyway, speaking of knitting (were we? Am I ever not speaking of knitting?) I am in the middle of 2 projects at the moment -

a simple wool watch cap, which I have turned into a 2-month project by deciding it should be in 1x1 ribbing. It's part of a Christmas present - I made 2 people mittens for Christmas, and then decided at the last minute that they needed hats too. So, um, Alex? If you're wondering where your mittens are? They're standing at the bus stop, checking their watch, waiting for their matching hat. (And the Clock Said Four of Two.)


a huge rectangular wrap that's designed to use up all the millions of single skeins and half-balls or cheesy novelty yarn that I've bought over the years. It's got fuzz! It's got glitter! It's got slubs! It's got rayon rainbow wraps! It's got lace rows between the garter stitch rows! I love every single bit of man-made, faux-glamourous, falsely-economical yarn in the thing, and since I the colors I love fall into one of two families, so far (despite my disclaimers) it is actually not an eyesore. Yet. I keep waiting for it to fall over the edge into crazy-lady-land.

Anyway, the hat is in my bag, for working on in a quiet moment; the Thing is upstairs beside the bed in a huge bowl, where all the glittery fuzzy things keep winding into knots with one another. It's like Plato's Retreat for acrylic. I have no idea if this thing will ever be done.

Here's the other motto we should have lettered somewhere in our house - we used to have it on a piece of yellow legal paper on the wall in Eric's office:

Stop When You're Done.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hmmph. It's been a while.

but of course I barely have a moment to myself, between setting up my new blackberry and facebooking everyone's unmentionables and whatnot.

I am thinking about starting a monthly or more-than-monthly knitting evening at my house. This has only one advantage over the various weekly knitting meetings of which I am already a part -that I would not have to leave my house to go to it.

Plus it will make sure the house is semi-presentable at least a couple times a month.

A couple of local peeps on fb said they'd be interested. Hmmm.

And so, this Blackberry. I am handling it pretty well so far, setting convenience buttons and choosing from the AWFUL pre-loaded ring tones and wondering how many songs it will hold. I have exactly 3 phone numbers in it - apparently I have to go to the Verizon Store and have them install my card or download something or wave a chicken over their heads while they recite a secret incantation in order to get my phone numbers off the Razr and onto this thing.

I am pretty sure that I don't like getting email in my pants pocket. All day long.

Which reminds me, I have to turn off the cute little noise it makes when email comes in. It was cute when I set it last night, at least.