Monday, June 19, 2006

Congratulations; it's a tomato!

My family has a bad track record with fruit and vegetables; my father, the complete genius about roses and gladioli, once tried to grow a crop of strawberries. We got 11. (They were delicious.)

Is it because we're soft on varmints? Because we're inattentive? Both are true....Also, we have somehow purchased a house that gets full sun on all sides all day long. It's rather mysterious. We're thinking of charging admission. I did have a nice crop of basil-y things a few years ago, in containers on the deck; some dried out, but a lot was actually edible.

Both of the tomato plants are decorated with tiny green Christmas balls that may just grow up to be .....(quietly now, let's not freak them out.....) tomatos. That a person could eat.

We'll see.

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