Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What made you cry today?

In your tears,
in your blood
in your fire
and in your flood
I heard you laugh
I heard you sing

....I wouldn't change a single thing.

For you I'd wait 'til kingdom come;
Until my days...my days are done.
Just say you'll come
and set me free.
Just say you'll wait for me.

Kingdom Come
Coldplay, on X&Y, 2002

My friend Sarah used this as a soundtrack on a video recently; our office's one mac is in my office, so usually, when there's multimedia stuff being created, I'm in the room. I cried the first time she played the song for me.

And the 60 or so times I've heard it since don't seem to be diminishing the effect.

I just previewed the finished video, and stood in the booth with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Is this a song about God? About somebody's girlfriend? It certainly made me think about my husband - the first 30 times or so. Then it somehow transmuted into a Jesus song - in my head, at least (it seems arguable, reading the lyrics.)


Oh! So I have the radio on, and I'm just getting over my spiritual sniffling from the Coldplay revelation, and the crinimally trivial "Waiting on the World to Change" comes on my radio. This is a station-changer for me (Like "lips of an angel" or any Doors song except 'people are strange.') I recently argued that playing this song over the airwaves - it's a public trust, you know - is reason enough to withdraw a radio station's liscence. It's irresponsible. In every sense.

I am offended that anyone of voting age, selling records to people of voting age, could begin a song with "me and my friends, we're so misunderstood" and end it with "so we'll keep waiting for the world to change."


I know you're young, John M., but seriously. You're more grown up than THAT.

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PaigeTurner said...

Bbbbbb....but I like that song! And the Hinder one, too! As long as I don't have to WATCH John Mayer's squashy lips or the Hinder singer's really bad imitation of Steven Tyler.

Next you'll be saying you don't like the ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha song.