Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It has to be asked whether 2000 years of religious photoshopping have remodelled Jesus almost out of recognition. We've added some tints (sure, he didn't speak about homosexuality, but if he had, we know what he would have said), a blurred edge (he didn't really mean we have to sell all we have for the poor), and made him as transparent as possible (put him there in the background, but not so obvious that we actually have to look at him). The trouble is, someone forgot to hit "save" right at the beginning, and we've got little hope of undoing the layers to get back to the original.

Cheryl Lawrie in the Austrailian newspaper The Age.

I just discovered Hold::This Space, a blog of an alternative worship project; via jonny baker.

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Stacie said...

Did I read this here once before and forgot? Regardless, the idea what we've Photoshopped Jesus right out of His original existance is the most brilliant thing I've heard in a while.