Saturday, May 05, 2007

He's bored with what he likes but scared to try anything new.

Good Lord.

That's a quote from Alice (yes, like she's my close personal friend Alice from down the street. She's not; she's the author of Finslippy, a blog I admire very much, whom I assume I will never meet in person or even exchange email with.)

So it's Alice, writing about her kid Henry and his relationship to food. (This week, he will only eat orzo. Please, Lord, let THAT particular cup pass us by.)

But orzo is not my point, though I am sympathetic. My point is that she has, in one matter-of-fact sentence, summed up my life. Maybe 'Life'. Sorry if that sounds melodramatic, but there it is.

Seriously! Don't you feel that way? At least intermittantly?

I haven't even finished reading her post - that phrase struck me so hard that I had to hop over hear and note it.

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