Saturday, July 07, 2007

all y'all, it's sabotage

Watching Live Earth - because I've been puttering between the living room (with cable) and the bedroom (with a radio shack antenna), and because Bravo and NBD are showing different shows assembled from the same footage, I've seen the Beastie Boys twice and a bit of Kanye West a second time. This morning, when the had less big-name footage to throw around, Bravo showed what appeared to be the whole set by the reunited Crowded House.

They had played in Australia, where apparently they are still a big draw, and the crowd seemed to all be as over-the-moon to be singing along with Tim as I would be.

Me, I sat on the living room floor and cried. I have no idea why - it wasn't like they were performing the dead mom song or anything. (Selected parts of Woodface have been known to make me teary, but only rarely.) But for some reason, this morning I started during 'Fall at Your Feet' and just kept going. Who in the hell would cry over 'Don't Dream it's Over'?

One might cry over the raging terribleness of the new Madonna song. It's enough to make one reconsider saving the planet, if this is the sort of thing produced on it.

And Joss Stone should select her backup singers carefully, as one might question who ought to be singing lead and who ought to be backing up whom.

Who's this? Metallica? I was about to chide their grey hair, but I must say the Beasties grey hair made me love them more.

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