Sunday, February 03, 2008

Today's Recipe: Walnut Tart

Mark Bittman rules, I have said before. When I saw this recipe in Wednesday's NYTimes food section, I knew I'd make it soon.

This is seriously good.

And before devoted reader NYK accuses me of, I don't know, trying to poison my family with saturated fat or mastermind America's obesity epidemic or something, let me tell you that this tart will serve at least 12. Bittman is nuts (ha ha) to suggest that this serves 8. (Perhaps as a main dish.) A TINY SLIVER of this - a piece so small it looks ridiculous - is very satisfying.

Other kitchen projects:
freezing bacon (because we need about a year to go through a pound of bacon, and they don't sell it by the slice.) (Method here.)

making guacamole. I used Trader Joe's produce section Guacamole Kit - a little box with all the veggies you need (in a non-cilantro household, which we are.) . I approve of this product wholeheartedly - the produce was ripe and fresh, sat happily on my counter for a couple of days (I cannot bring myself to refrigerate a tomato. I just can't. It's like microwaving baked goods. I'm sorry, but that's just wrong.)

(And they say we postmodern religionists don't believe in absolute truth. HA!)

Anyway, the guac kit is a good idea, and well-executed except for TEH GARLIC!!!AAAGHHHH!!! i has been kllld by teh garlic!

My husband, oddly, was not killed by the garlic, and happily ate nearly every slimy green bit in the bowl. The child even ate some. On purpose.

Roasting potato wedges (I wanted to give you a bonus recipe, because these came out really well, but the NYTimes site has had enough of my foolishness for one night and wants a password. Pffft, forget it. Basically, you bake some potatos, cut them into wedges, and toss them in an olive oil/mustard/salt-pepper-spice mix (I used paprika) and then roast them for 20 more minutes in a 500-degree oven. They get nice and crusty.

Incidentally, all those pictures are from other sites - my camera has died. (Perhaps it's teh garlic?)

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