Tuesday, April 01, 2008

i was wrong

for about 3 years, I have been wondering how in f Classmates.com was able to use photos from my yearbook - Selinsgrove Area High School, Class of 1980 - in their ads. I have had conversations about this. I have NAMED people whose pictures appeared across the bottom of my screen - Hufnagels and Schrefflers, Hostettlers and Hollenbachs.

I was so so so sure that the "She Married Him???" couple had been in my class - Curtis Kantz and Judy Hummel, I thought, their stories fictionalized for sensationalism's sake.

Well, I was wrong.

As you can see, the woman in the ad is indeed from Pennsylvania, and is close to the right age - class of '78. The guy is younger, class of '90, from Bellevue WA.

Are people all over the country looking at these ads and saying (to their poor, beleigured spouses) "I swear to GOD that guy was in my homeroom!"

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Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, I would say that Classmates.com has done extraordinarily well as what they should have set out to do--which is to select (or, as I originally thought, created in Photoshop) the most average, generally distinctive-looking persons melding basically every hackneyed fashion/hairstyle/makeup cliche of the high school days of the target audiences--i.e. those who graduated from high school 15-35 years ago. It's likely almost EVERYONE that attended ANY high school of any size in that era said exactly the same thing--they "remember" that blonde hunk, that girl with the Dorothy Hamill haircut and big glasses, that blonde with the Farrah Fawcett-Majors hair, or the dork with the perm. Go back through a yearbook, and it's likely the ones you don't remember not only were not in your class, but probably lacked any distinctiveness to their appearance as well.