Sunday, September 28, 2008

A new sermon

by me.

(Thanks to Russ Dulaney, who shoots, edits and posts our sermons practically every Sunday afternoon, when the rest of us are taking our naps.)

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TeamDandy said...

I just listened to your sermon (I've missed the past 3 weeks) and I love your message. I emailed Matthew awhile back suggesting we do a series on worship and Sunday gatherings like we're doing with kids & youth this fall, as a way to consider the role of Sunday gatherings, the purpose of them, our part in them and God's part in them and all of that. You made a brilliant start to that even though you didn't intend to! The comparison - and contrast, more importantly - to going to a movie was phenomenal. Great job, Betsy. I bet you made a lot of people think about being church in a new light.