Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen:

extensive research has led me to declare,
definitively and without fear of contradiction:
that this
is the World's Skankiest Christmas Record.
(in case you miss a lyric, read them here.)


Stacie said...

"Sloooow burning wood..."

HEE! "Wood." I am apparently a 12 year-old boy because that made me snort.

Also, isn't this Dolly Parton and Kenny "Plastique" Rogers? It makes me feel dirty somehow, like hearing my grandparents sing about hot, snowy, one night stands. And how magical it made their Christmas.


Dawn Fortune said...

Thank you.

I listened to this earlier today and then had that song stuck in my head all day.

Thank you very much.

Not. Bleah.

betsy said...


I heard this on the radio the other day, and it squicked me out so much and I talked about it SO ENDLESSLY that my husband suggested I blog about it. (That's code for OMFG, give it a rest already.)

After I found this video was available - with the decorated turntable, no less!! - I felt like the whole internet needs to go take a long, hot shower.

Dawn Fortune said...

My beloved had no idea such a song even existed until I played it for her, thus ensuring that the thing played in my head for ANOTHER 24 hours. Urk. Nothing marks the holy season (yours, mine or anyone else's) like a one-nighter with a stranger, I say! Gads.

Bull said...

As awful as it is, I think this is HIGHLY DESIRABLE when compared to "Christmas Shoes"...

betsy said...

Bull, Christmas Shoes is indeed the worst sort of holiday 'sentiment', the most cynical money-grub possible.

But please - when we're talking about the Kenny/Dolly ski lodge hookup, let's stay away from the word "desirable".

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Too late: The YouTube account of the poster has been terminated--bet it was copyright violation claims.

Anonymous said...

My "faux favorite" Christmas song is John Denver singing "Please Daddy, don't get drunk this Christmas" in full-on country twang--with a little yodel here and there.