Sunday, August 09, 2009

it was open!!!

We finally hit the farmstand (yes, the one I've been reading about since February!) when it was open!

Within, say, 2 miles of my house.

these are lemon cucumbers. I have no idea what they taste like or what one might do with them. But I believe Heidi at 101cookbooks does. So I bought some.

don't know why these sentences are coming out underlined. Just ignore it. That's what I'm doing.

Oh, okay, if you insist.

Cherry Tomatoes! It's whats for dinner!

Our haul, for $10 - 2 Zucchinis and one yellow squash, a pint of lemon cucumbers, a pint of sungold tomatoes, and the two cutest little cantaloupes in the history of organic farming. So dinner was cantaloupe (appetizer, and Ian asked for more for his main course), corn and green beans (not local, from Delaware, left over from our trip to the beach) and piles of perfectly ripe raw cherry tomatoes with nothing, not even salt.

I hope they're open tomorrow.


HowChow said...

Bets - Can you email me a photo? I want to update about Gorman and include a link. I actually went today and took two good shots, but Blogger says the images are corrupted. Could you email me your lemon cucumber photo? (HowChowBlog at gmail if you can)

Jane Weaver said...

I love it! I may go out searching for it.