Friday, July 02, 2010

DUDE DUDE DUDE more random thoughts

1. hey, my uterus - seriously, wtf?

2. One of my goddaughters has announced that, as regards the Twilight Saga, she is "Team Guy Who Tried To Run Over Bella With His Car." I say, go Maeghan.

3. I think "Your Baby Can Read" products would more honestly be called "YOUR Baby Can't Read, because of your cheapass Parenting FAIL, so SEND US MONEY resistance is futile give the fuck up already." To which I reply: Never!

4. Last Airbender cartoon FTW. Voice work, animation, art, story - all terrific.
That fact becomes even clearer as I watch Dragonball Z Kai for the first time. Lord, this is undefendible crap. Worse than Pokemon.

5. Ian ran into the kitchen this morning as Eric and I were having lunch.
Ian: Can I have the fighting, attacking Zhu Zhu Pets?
Me: Like the battling armored Kung Zhu hamsters?
Ian: YEAH!!
Eric: Maybe.
Me: Yeah, we'll see.
Ian: I want the one that's part of an angry mob.
Me: Pardon me?
Ian: The angry mob one. It has a pitchfork.

6. It's 8:30. Perhaps we should eat dinner.

EDITED AT ADD: Incidentally, taking a big plastic cup of shiraz to the playground = WIN.

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Stacie said...

First, you used "Dude" and you used it more than once. You know my fondness for the word.

Second, I can't continue to number this list because there is just to much to say and by the time I get to "thirty-eighth..." people will be very, very annoyed.

Last Airbender? Good stuff. Rusty used to record each episode and he and the boys would watch together. Lately it's been playing for blocks of two and three hours on NickToons and I've found myself walking in the room, sitting down then two hours later not feeling the least bit guilty realizing I just watched three or four episodes. So take THAT, responsible adulthood!

Shiraz + playground = HA! :) Wonder if I could figure out how to refill a Capri Sun with something a bit more snappy and smuggle it into Kings Island. Would definitely calm my fears about the swimsuits I see while there.

I'd like to announce my endorsement of your niece as president when she's legally old enough. And my fears for the next generation have been slightly quelled. I also like that spelling of Maeghan and I'm not usually a unique spelling kind of girl but that one has a nice Celtic look/feel to it.

Lastly, if there is not currently a pitchfork wielding Zhu Zhu? There should be. And Ian should get full credit (and royalties.) Perhaps he should come up with his own line of Zhu Zhu crabs and lobsters? I would so buy that.

Much love to you, sister. Contemplating a trip back on my own before end of summer...