Sunday, May 29, 2011

A movie I loved.

Semi-related thought (or stream-of-c0nciousness blathering) - didn't I used to love fiction? Didn't I used to read PILES of fiction? Didn't I used to write fiction, occasionally, and aspire to write fiction professionally? (Some of you haven't known me that long, but the answer to that is YES.)

I have 34 items checked out of the library right now. Aside from some animated videos, all of them a non-fiction. I haven't gotten a novel out of the library in perhaps 3 years.

This film, which I loved, is a documentary, short on interviews (short on talk of any kind) and long on concert footage and people staring out tour bus windows.

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite film is, I answer Stop Making Sense, which I realize is nothing but concert footage.

I wonder what this means about me.


Sandra L. said...

Oh, I am a HUGE White Stripes fan and so glad to see someone blogging about their "last" movie.

I always wonder why Meg cried in the last scene. I think it is because she was having the acute anxiety issues that forced them to cancel the rest of the tour.

Have you ever seen "Under Blackpool Lights"?

betsy said...

That's my favorite part of the film! It's so beautiful, it just breaks my heart...and it is rather mysterious. There's actually a discussion on IMDB about what she might be feeling/thinking about when she's crying. I love the way it's both wildly public and transparent and also completely private.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Is that the carousel at Knoebels Grove in your profile picture? I'm from north central PA too - Selinsgrove.