Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trying something new

okay, so it's lent.
I mean, tomorrow. Tomorrow will be Lent. You should come to the Ash Wednesday observance. I believe it will be quite interesting.

Anyway, I've been wondering a couple of things, like:
what my lenten discipline should be
why I have abandoned all my blogs, which I have enjoyed so much over the course of several years
whether Facebook is really a problem for me, or just something I like doing.

It looks rather like it is something I like doing, to the exclusion of knitting, blogging, sewing, and sometimes dealing with my family in person. So maybe that's a sort of a problem. I imagine it's precisely the same problem that every extrovert and every distractable person has had since the invention of dial-up BBSes. (Kirk was working beside me one day at the office and said "I cannot begin to imagine what sort of hell the internet is for people like you." He meant ADD people, and curious people, and the answer is: a special one, dude. One that mostly seems like heaven.

Anyway, too many words.

I'm going to try blogging regularly in only images. For Lent. Photos, doodles, videos, whatever, made by me, daily. For Lent. (which means not Sundays.)

Let's see what it's like to say things without saying anything.

I do not care to jump off FB entirely, but I'm going to try to check in less than once per day. I'm curious to see how that makes me feel. (Right now it makes me feel like there's a permanent party going on, with all the most interesting people alluding to the most interesting things, and I am deciding to just stop by for a second on the way to pick up the kid from daycare.)

Let's see what develops.

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Stacie said...

Well, isn't that awkward - I left you a comment to say I was reading this when you posted the link. Hm.

I would say your friend's internet comment applies to me with regard to Pinterest. Visual stimulation ALL. THE. TIME. I now refuse to look at Pinterest when I'm sitting in bed. Too many ideas... can't sleep.

Since you'll be limiting your FB time, I have to make sure you know: we have a gallery wall in this house. Like a real, nothing-else-going-on-in-this-space-but-there-are-spotlights-here gallery wall. I'm debating a mural. How I'd adore Dolle's giant signage on my living room wall :)