Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogging the Project

yes, and getting a late start. Sorry.

[Dear readers: I AM NOW GOING TO WRITE ABOUT PROJECT RUNWAY, A CABLE TV REALITY SHOW ABOUT FASHION DESIGNERS. This is definately a taste thing - either you're in, like I am, and you are the perfect target market for this sort of thing, and find yourself obsessing about it; or you're out, and cannot imagine a worse piece of TV than an hour every week about the drama of fabric shopping and industrial machine threading. Feel free to skip ahead. Seriously. Because this entry is Talkin' PROJECT, BABY!]

First of all, I agree with Tim, who said in the audition special something to the effect that this group was clearly far more qualified - consistant, experienced, skilled, trained - than previous groups.

I'm not sure it's as interesting, interpersonally. But then, thinking back, it's hard for me to recall whether I was really invested in Andrae, Nick et al by this point in Season 2.

That being said, I was SHOCKED BEYOND BELIEF when Malan was cut. He was so obviously primed up to become the supervillan, the Santino of Season 3. I also...well, didn't LIKE the gown precisely, but thought it showed both imagination and skill. Dude, he was good TV.

However, it does make rather teh statement: this season is already less predictable than one might have, um, predicted; one is not safe just because one is cultivating a character, trying to be 'good TV'.

It also opens up the floor for a new supervillan to emerge. Will it be The Archetect, with her hyper-perfect look and her hands far too clean to touch a dog?(I feel she really set herself apart with that little moment in last night's episode.) Spazzy Self-Trained Angela, who clearly Didn't Come Here To Make Friends? Neck-Tattoo guy?

Keith also rather distinguished himself last night, as a designer and as potentially Good TV, Bitch Division. Could he win?

It's too early to have a favorite yet, though I was impressed with the many of the designs last night, especially Keith's, and Alison's. I also very much liked the flowy layered gown from the beauty queen challenge, which I think was Uli's? Can't recall.

In terms of a favorite character, so far I'd most like to have lunch with Bob, or perhaps deliacte lamb Vincent, who I fear is not long for the show. No one has so far inspired the kind of attachment I felt for original lamb Andrae, though.

And I was disappointed that Katheryn was cut last night, as she was the one I could most identify with - a short, one-of-the-boys, alt-ish sportswear girl, who would spend time way too much time making a hoodie for the dog. First, before starting the dress.

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