Tuesday, July 18, 2006

inch all over

inch all over
Originally uploaded by funky fat girl.
I cut off my bangs. Yes, on purpose.

My subtitle really should be 'art, craft, liturgy, theology, bitching and MY HAIR', since that seems to be the one topic in which my fascination never flags. (Age cannot wither, nor custom stale its infinite variety. At least to me.)

This was an interesting compositon when I saved it originally, the two ends (photos of my head with its new crop) in halftone, and my clippers and a wasted tuft in glorious Technicolor in the middle.

The colors got a little more, um, Techni, when I saved it as a psd and uploaded it to Flickr.

Wish list: ACTUAL PHOTOSHOP CS (not Elements, ad NOT LE for Lord's sake.)

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