Wednesday, December 20, 2006

for all your candlelight family service needs:

It's the Questionable Christmas Children's Word Find!

IF you go looking for printable children's Christmas activity sheets on the internet, you'll find that 80% of them focus on Santa, elves, penguins (trendy, sure, but Christmassy? Hmmm...I guess they live at a pole.)

Another 18% are designed for 8-year-olds who have a year or two of seminary behind them. 'Naphtali'? Really? In a children's circle-the-word puzzle? I had never seen that before. Perhaps the brand name for myrrh? In fact, it's an OT guy, who had land and lakes named after him, which figure in the Isaiah prohesy. So there. It's probably in the Messiah and I just never heard it.

And then, finally, you find a nice simple nativity-oriented word search, with some cute clip art and some words you're pretty sure that little kids will recognize.

Including for that one in the second row.

The kids will be coloring on Sunday night. And that's all.

(honestly, I am ashamed at how long and hard I laughed at this. I carried it around to other staff offices. No one is quite as immature as I am, but they did all snicker.)


PaigeTurner said...

There's a teacher site on the Web where you can list your own words and PRESTO! it makes a custom word search puzzle for you!! I"ll try to find the link for you before Easter. That way you can pick which dirty word is included. Surely you can do better than a bunch of amateurs. :-)

Anonymous said...

ass (ăs)
n., pl. ass·es (ăs'ĭz).
Any of several hoofed mammals of the genus Equus, resembling and closely related to the horses but having a smaller build and longer ears, and including the domesticated donkey.

OR: A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person.

betsy said...

Oh, goodness yes, Anonymous, I'm well aware of the hooved mammal sense of the word; I remember singing "Here Betwixt Ass and Oxen Mild" in a Christmas concert in middle school. No one even snickered. It would never have occured to us.

So, to be clear, everyone, I don't think the puzzle's creator intended it to be in questionable taste.

But I'm pretty sure my congregation would take it badly.