Monday, December 18, 2006

me again

I am still alive.

I do not have a novel for you. Perhaps next year.

Though I am usually the family's designated Christmas shopper (because I love it, and because I am one of the world's most effective and efficient bargain hunters)I have not purchased ONE SINGLE PRESENT for ANYONE.

We do have the most beautiful tree ever; it's a small one (we chose to do a 5-ish foot tree on a table, to keep most of it away from the kid) and it is fragrant, perfectly shaped, and somehow just uniquely precious. I guarantee you that I will cry in January when we have to haul it out to the curb.

Unbelieveably, I am watching an old episode of Extreme Makeover because I am too lazy to get up and find the remote...even though I know House is on.

I should be designing our Christmas card.

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Dawn said...

I have not gotten much either. One present to be exact! Tomorrow I take my FIL to the airport, thursday is the class parties (3 of them, I am the room parent for one of them, but need to go to all 3! AT THE SAME TIME!!!), 4 of the 5 kids are sick with ear infections, bronchitis, Upper Resp. infection, and general runny stuffy crap, my house is a huge mess cuz I am taking care of sick kids, my 14th anniversary is tomorrow (have no clue what we are doing and I have not shopped!), I have managed to make 42 mini star shaped cheesecakes for 2 of my kids MANY teachers as well as homemade soup in a jar (not a mix) for 7 other teachers, and countless cookies and star shaped brownies for 14 other teachers for my 3 youngest kids teachers, and yes I have totally lost my mind my agreeing to keep the cute little kitten I found stuck in the spare tire of our van on Sunday!(unless my allergies show themselves then I will be the most hated mom anywhere because everyone including Dad and grandpa LOVE the kitten!
I am sure you will really enjoy Ian's first Christmas! And fist bday!