Thursday, March 22, 2007

it's the most completely revolting time of the year

If you’re a snake looking for someplace with sheltered stony crevices, a ready supply of insects and occasional running water, our cellar comes up as the first result on Snoogle.

Someone else's snake story.

My snake story from last spring.

There's not enough free iced coffee or wild black cherry italian ice in the world to make me feel okay about this aspect of the season.

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TeamDandy said...

When the farm fields behind my parents house were converted into suburban sprawl, the wildlife had to find a new home. Dozens of snakes checked out my parents yard what with the good eats - mice, chipmunks, bird eggs, etc. One time I saw one climb from a pine tree to a maple tree and as its back end crossed off the pine tree, it flung down while its front end tried heartily to pull the rest of it up (it succeeded.) We found a few in our house as well, which was particularly unnerving and my mother did threaten to move to a hotel.
So a couple of years ago (many years after the dozens of black rat snakes were a problem) our family gathered at my parents house for an Easter egg hunt. It was warm and sunny that day, nice for wearing shorts and sandals. I looked down and saw a garter snake near my bare toes and said, "Hey, wow, a garter snake." Then everyone looked down and we realized that we'd been hunting for eggs in a literal sea of HUNDREDS of garter snakes, enjoying the first really warm day of spring. As much as I love nature, I was frozen in place. There was nowhere I could step that wouldn't land me on a snake.