Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Two summer ago, shared my a tale of woe (more like WHOA! about breaking my espresso machine. The post was called Why Baristas Wear Aprons, and it tells how I threw in the disgusting, stained towel on home creation of espresso drinks.

Well, I've switched to iced coffee, and on the very convincing advice of the New York Times Magazine plus a raft of questionable strangers on the internet, I am experimenting with cold-brewing coffee concentrate. This will be my second batch, and the first batch was quite decent - less acidic, just as all the propaganda promised, with the sort of strong flavor needed to stand up to milk.

Sites that talk about this process use words like 'mulch' to describe the coffee-grounds-and-cold-water goop, and that's not inapproprate. Actually, peat moss. Smells better, though.

Tonight, I have added some sugar to the peat moss, to see if it suspends evenly - actually, to see if it dissolves at all in cold water which is then kept in the fridge. If I can make sweetened iced coffee concentrate.......wooo.

The tough part is not making your iced coffee at home. See, when I spend the $3 a day for iced coffee at Starbucks, I'm drinking it either in the store (rarely), in the Prius (usually) or at my desk. Unmolested by one-year-olds.

The tough part is getting a chance to drink your iced coffee at home.

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