Friday, September 28, 2007

made me cry

and I don't know why.

via this blog
which I saw here.


Anonymous said...

yup. definitely left a lump in my throat. what do you thing bono was trying to say?

Anonymous said...

I have a pretty complicated reaction to this. At first it seemed contrived and stagey and of course he would have to pull up a Kate Moss look-alike, properly waifish. Augh. I hated the look of embarrassed desperation on the girl's face he didn't choose.

Then when they were lying side by side, I was very touched as she mouthed the lyrics alongside Bono. It reminded me of millions of people reading their Bibles imagining Jesus in their lives, saying his words to themselves and invoking his presence that way.

And then I remembered how much Bono likes to be thought of as Jesus, and I got irritated again.