Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TV will tear us apart

That's Jeff Corwin.
Cable TV is just nuts. You're aware of that, right? Cable TV is completely full, day and night, of people - men - grabbing snakes with their completely bare hands and flinging them about with a relaxed, casual attitude that makes me shudder, shudder, shudder.

Mike Rowe (who I watched tonight, peeking through the cracks between my fingers, in an episode of Dirty Jobs titled Snake Researcher) AT LEAST HAS THE DECENCY to:

1. be anxious and grossed out at the prospect of catching water snakes, injecting something into them - I'm not too clear on this part, it appeared that they were inserting something into little snaky rectums - and the massaging their stomach contents out into a collection bag.
and also
2. to get bit! Badly! And to scream in pain when he did! And to panic and drop the snake!

It's really the least he could do.

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Stacie said...

I just watched "Dirty Jobs" last night and laughed like an idiot all by myself. He was at a mushroom farm, spreading bags or urea ("Urea is not good. Nothing good has urea in it - diarrea, gonorea...") on top of a two story pile of hay soaked in horse pee ("thorobred. Ah, well, then. That's different.")

Of course, Rusty feels that justifies his dislike of mushrooms.