Tuesday, September 16, 2008

6 ideas

1. Sundays aren’t important
That is to say: Coming to church on Sunday does not make you a Christian or constitute a spiritual life. A Sunday isn’t our one chance to save souls or glorify God. It’s not the one place to learn about God, commune with the Holy Spirit, or be challenged. In many ways, as we spend time, sitting still, thinking about or listening to people talk about God, Sundays run the risk of being the least spiritually forming day of the week.

2.Sundays are important
They’re our front door, our chance to host strangers and long-lost friends. They can give us a chance to reflect, which most of us rarely get (or take) during the week. They tell us how to make direct contact with God. They provide a chance to consider new ideas about God and the world; the combination of time with God and new perspective may open the door for transformation.

3. A journey together, not a presentation to an audience
We are not in the business of trying to sell anything, convince anyone of anything, or impress anyone, with our logic or with our artistry. Including God. A worship gathering has a bunch of living humans making contact with a living God, and even though we do our very best to plan things well and have a destination in mind, we cannot anticipate or control everything that happens. I don’t think we should want to.

4. It matters that we are all together in one place
There has got to be a difference between coming to church and hearing a sermon on a podcast, listening to Passion CDs in the car, praying in the shower. It has to matter that we can look one another in the eye, touch one another, and actually converse rather than monologue. Our bodies have to matter, and our proximity has to matter.

5. some things are beyond words
Not only is God beyond our logical comprehension – we are. The mundane world is. We need to make peace, deep in our souls, with the idea that God is worth a lifetime of study, service, prayer, digging, listening – and that we are not going to get to ‘answers’. Ever. Much is lost when we try to make God ‘make sense’. It’s not even a good marketing ploy, because smart people can see right through it.

6. The only decent ‘selling point’ in favor of a life with God is that you get to have a life with God.


TeamDandy said...

Yes, yes! I love that you put down these ideas.

I asked Matthew about doing a series on worship - our group worship at CRCC, in particular - the way we're going to do a series on children and youth. This is the sort of thing I want EVERYONE to think through and discuss. Because while I love that you said Sundays aren't a presentation to an audience, people get in those seats on Sunday morning and think that way - and then you guys get complaints on the silliest things that God could care less about, or at least that He wants them to let go!

So, thanks for this post :-)

Deb said...

Hi -
I was reading an old post trying to find some clever way I said something and found your response from a post last summer. Now... which one? I dunno. ANYWAY!

Yes I'm in suburbia (Gburg) and though I have far too much to do, a RevGal meet up is something I've yet to do.

you can email me
deb {the usual symbol} journeyscrossing {the usual symbol} org...

Could be fun. Or not.


FuguesStateKnits said...

I love your ideas! Especially no. 6:)
Thank you for posting them!
Joan a/k/a FSK