Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have been told to update my blog.

1. Happy Birthday Natasha!

2. Finished a great shawl with handspun yarn from Three Irish Girls. It is fabulous if I do say so myself (and I do.)

3. Making a Lady Eleanor entrelac shawl from Scarf Style.

4. However, I have no photos of these projects because my computer is pretty much full and so I when I download my camera, FAIL.

5. We survived Holy Week! And the groundbreaking for the farm. No casualties. I am exhausted.

6. I'm watching a cable rerun of Criminal Intent.
Villain: Neil Patrick Harris, looking like a cleanshaven Unibomber. In a hairnet.
Attempted murder weapon: a power drill.
Sponsor of this episode (I am totally not kidding) The Awesome Auger, which is basically A POWER DRILL. You'd think it was a Google Ad Word.

7. Made macaroons last week, for the first time in years. Recipe will be forthcoming. These are even easier than the peanut butter cookies, though far, far less nutritious.

8. Zoloft is a freakin' miracle. Praise God - really, truly, no kidding - for modern pharmacology.

9. I wonder if it freaks Seth McFarland out to see that animated alien come out of his navel in the Hulu commercial.

10 This is Ian's favorite video of the moment:

we both dig the moment at about 41ish seconds where the hamster (hampster?) is tapping to the music.


Jane Weaver said...

Welcome back - I missed you!

Jadefeminist said...

Yay!!! Betsy's back!

And thanks for the birthday wishes.

Rev. April said...

wait- can't you give us something spiritual you learned from giving up facebook and blog?