Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Doing church and being church: blogroll

People on the journey

trends in culture, business, connecting through technology, church planting and leadership; especially focused on multiracial and Asian-American congregations

Bob’s personal blog – ideas, trends, politics, music, and church. Bob reads everything and knows everyone, and thinks ENORMOUS.

personal blog of a minister with an emergent congregation in London – excellent resources like “worship tricks” and tons of links to other alternative worship stuff.

Andrew looks at culture, trends, media coverage and whatever catches his attention. He travels all over the world and has great perspective. Plus he’s funny, and not afraid of an argument.

pondering life and community in a small liturgical Baptist church in TX. Excellent writer.

Steve pastors in New Zealand; their church does especially interesting thing with visual arts and contemplation

Paul’s art and thoughts on art, music and worship, as well as family. Pronounced monastic leanings.

Cheryl Lawton ministers in Australia

Designing worship – big ideas and nuts and bolts

alternative worship photo archive – pictures from services and events, with links

If you need an idea, a prayer or a structured liturgy, this searchable ECUSA book is the best place to start.

a great music resource.

Jonnybaker’s worship tricks (see personal blogs – he has links in the right-hand column)

Cheryl’s blog has some beautiful liturgy (also above)

Dylan’s lectionary blog

the very best place for church graphics

of course

Some Books of interest:
The Complete Library of Christian Worship
(Indispensible! You’ll need to assemble this set from used book distributors – Amazon always has some volumes – start with Volume 5, services of the Christian Year, then branch out to 4 (Sacred Actions) or 6 & 7 (Music and Arts.)

Spaces for Spirit: Adorning the Church by Nancy Chinn
Excellent big vision for worship environments

Emerging Worship by Dan Kimball
The primer for creating creative worship gatherings, from theological underpinnings to how-tos. The best introduction, and good to share with people who are nervous about the ‘weird stuff’, because the author is really grounded in the Bible and adamant about sound theology, right motives, etc.

Worship Evangelism by Sally Morganthaler
This book changed my life. Back in the early 90s, Morganthaler went looking for what had been lost and gained in ‘seeker sensitive’ (I hate that term used this way, but I know you know what I mean) planning. Even if this isn’t you situation, this book will help you think critically about worship planning.

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