Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Picking - a guide for summer in Maryland

Things That Are Helpful for Spontaneous Berry-Picking:

empty Tupperware (or easily-emptied Slurpee cup)

exceptionally tall husband

enthusiastic preschooler


Things That I Can Only Imagine Would Be Helpful etc etc:

bug repellent

step stool

pants which come all the way down to one's ankles

shoes which are NOT basically BOARDWALK RUBBER FLIP FLOPS. (I don't care how much I paid for these things, or how comfortable and supportive they are, or even how lucky I am that I have a job to which I can go 98% barefoot every day. They are FLIP FLOPS and one should THINK TWICE while approaching blackberry thickets.)

sufficient time for picking before the enthusiastic toddler needs the bandaids.

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brandyglows said...

I found out that flip flops flop in spontaneous berry picking just yesterday! Also not helpful - a rambunctious dog that pulls you in such a way that you are leaning on one foot while holding a leash and a baggie [for berries] in one hand and attempting you use your weight to pull the berry off the branch without getting pricked a million times by the thorns surrounding it.

PS. Every time I come to your site I read "Stalk me [I'm kidding, please don't stalk me]" and laugh out loud. :)