Thursday, August 31, 2006

These Go to 11.

ten notes to myself (and you)
2. I get headachey at my computer at work. I think I need to get my eyes checked.
3. I need to figure out what kind of glasses look cool - and will continue to look cool for several years. If indeed it is time for me to get glasses.
4. I must have done all right with the sermon last week, because the boss had me prepare something - a little half-a-sermon thath follows on what he'll be saying - for this week.
5. I think that Chuck Levin's would be a great setting for a reality show.
6. I am so exhilerated by what we are doing at work that I had to go outside and hop around and squeal for several minutes today.
7. This house looks like raging crap. Someone should clean it up.
8. How is it possible that I lost weight while I was pregnant and have gained it since? This is a mystery, and blows.
9. I want to figure out how to post 'behind the cut', as we used to say over at Live Journal; then I could let you all see the text of my sermon without creating the world's most ridiculously long blogger page. So if anyone knows the code for this, please tell me.
10. To heck with this - I'm going to bed.

Bonus: 11. When I say that a certain thing that happens around our house is "driving me crazy", this is NOT a figure of speech. I actually mean that it is effecting my (already rather sketchy) mental health.

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Dawn said...

I agree wholeheartedly on number 7! Only no one ever cleans it but me. . .lol!