Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 thoughts while watching television

1. On America's Got Talent Which It's Keeping in a Top Secret Location And Then Showing Us This Crap Instead, a magician did a pretty inventive turn and advanced to the next round! Last year's auditions included some rather awful magic; Nathan Burton hung in until late rounds, and his act (IMO) is strikingly unoriginal.

Tonight's guy (I missed his name) ate fire, and then combined two classic effects (one of which is occasionally flashy but never deceptive) into one well-choreographed, fooling, totally surprising trick!

Magic - really, a lot of allied arts - has such exceptional potential for originality, surprise, the ability to bring beautiful metaphor and poetry to literal life. To embody really meaningful ideas. (Not that the guy on tv tonight had any beautiful ideas; he had 2 minutes to make people curious to see more, which worked.)
And so much is 100% soulless. So I was pleased to at least see something I hadn't seen before, and well-done.

2. Dude, I would totally RULE The Singing Bee.

3. Prince Harry's pretty darn hot.


Anonymous said...

OH, I only knew the ABBREVIATED name for that show. Now that you've explained its full name, it makes alot more sense to me....

Can't wait to watch that Singing Bee show--that sounds like fun! Might be a good drinking game, too!!!!


Stacie said...

Um, thank you! I've been telling everyone Harry's the cute one and William looks more like Charles the older he gets. Of course, I'm a bit partial to tall redheads.