Sunday, March 16, 2008

Best of the nets

1. Mrs. Kennedy interacts with her son:
Me: You know what? Whining isn't really the best way to get what you want in life.

Jackson: It isn't?

Me: No.

Jackson: I'm so confused.

Me: Uh . . .

Jackson: And normally it's very difficult to confuse me.

read it here, it's funny.

2. Twisty attends her father's funeral:
It was like the set designers from Twin Peaks and Napoleon Dynamite had fused with Elvis Presley’s interior decorator and been reborn as Liberace’s angst-ridden evil twin, who then suffered a psychotic break, and bought up the world’s supply of harvest gold flocked wallpaper, brass upholstery tacks, and fake oak paneling, and ate it all with fava beans and a nice Chianti, and then puked it up all over the living room from Sartre’s No Exit.

read it here.

3. My knitting machine looks kinda sorta like this: - different brand and specifics but that basic mechanism. Zillions of pictures here.

4. Hey! Celebrate with me! The manual which was lost has been found! Along with more parts! (When I was despairing, I searched on the web for the documentation, though not really exhaustively. Because, honestly, Easter's coming, and so my exhaustion must be saved for professional pursuits rather than recreational ones.)


Stacie said...

Holy crap, what do you knit with that? Also? Knit me something so I can carry it around with me and say proudly, "My uber cool friend, Betsy, made this for me."

As you can see, I'm not above begging :)

Also? I was told yesterday that I may be "the artist" for the new location our church is trying to set up. Even if I turn out to not be "the artist", I was honored to have made the short list! :)

Processing Counselor said...

Good luck with this and welcome to the Revgals!