Saturday, January 16, 2010

and speaking of knitting:

IF you craft, you may think this is interesting. I do.

Basically, all over the world, a whole bunch of people will be making art (or perhaps just making stuff) at the same time, following instructions from people on Twitter. It's mostly targetted at knitters, and there'll be some knitting technical talk and especially abbreviation in the tweets, but the writer specifically mentions that it would be interesting to see how other art forms interpret the instructions.

Obviously I won't be knitting with my Blackberry in hand (right, picture THAT) for the entire duration of the 'performance piece.'
/DIGRESSION: In all probability, I will have no audience, so with my theatre background it's hard for me to think of this as a performance... but it is people all over the world performing an action, intentionally, at the same time. So that's what it's called. A performance. I am being held back by the old-fashioned art education, obviously./disgression/

Anyway, I can probably devote an hour a day to this, evenings, on the days it's happening (Jan 25-29.) I'll document it here. Somehow. I am fascinated by this idea.

off to retweet -

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