Saturday, January 16, 2010

I said I would return.

Or, maybe I didn't. I wasn't actually sure that I would return. I had a brief and mild stomach bug, which wouldn't be a big deal for a normal person but made me whine uncontrollably. (In actual fact, what I was doing uncontrollably was shivering. For HOURS.)

There is nothing like a couple of awful days to make you appreciate just how fabulous your regular days are.

I should have that made into one of those huge vinyl wall decals, and put it where I would see it upon waking up in the morning.

Anyway, speaking of knitting (were we? Am I ever not speaking of knitting?) I am in the middle of 2 projects at the moment -

a simple wool watch cap, which I have turned into a 2-month project by deciding it should be in 1x1 ribbing. It's part of a Christmas present - I made 2 people mittens for Christmas, and then decided at the last minute that they needed hats too. So, um, Alex? If you're wondering where your mittens are? They're standing at the bus stop, checking their watch, waiting for their matching hat. (And the Clock Said Four of Two.)


a huge rectangular wrap that's designed to use up all the millions of single skeins and half-balls or cheesy novelty yarn that I've bought over the years. It's got fuzz! It's got glitter! It's got slubs! It's got rayon rainbow wraps! It's got lace rows between the garter stitch rows! I love every single bit of man-made, faux-glamourous, falsely-economical yarn in the thing, and since I the colors I love fall into one of two families, so far (despite my disclaimers) it is actually not an eyesore. Yet. I keep waiting for it to fall over the edge into crazy-lady-land.

Anyway, the hat is in my bag, for working on in a quiet moment; the Thing is upstairs beside the bed in a huge bowl, where all the glittery fuzzy things keep winding into knots with one another. It's like Plato's Retreat for acrylic. I have no idea if this thing will ever be done.

Here's the other motto we should have lettered somewhere in our house - we used to have it on a piece of yellow legal paper on the wall in Eric's office:

Stop When You're Done.

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