Friday, November 16, 2007

Go, me!

Finally finally finally selected and identified the movie clips I want to show with the looming sermon. I think that with these selections, I will dodge the 'people storming out' bullet. Probably.

It's a pre-Advent sermon, because I'm talking about incarnation - not so much about Jesus as God's Word made flesh, but about us, putting flesh to our words. (My working title, NOT for official publication, NOT A TITLE SANCTIONED BY MY EMPLOYER but just my kicking-around-my-brain title:)

God in the Movies: Little Miss Sunshine: Shut the F*** Up.

Anyway, I plan to have a next-to-last draft cranked out tonight, then I'll rehearse and see where I need to cut.

Oh, Lord, please please please let this thing be your thing.

1 comment:

TeamDandy said...

Heh, I can't wait to see/hear the final version.
And I doubt you'd say anything that would make me walk out, so at least I should still be left at the end.