Sunday, November 04, 2007


so I was poking around on my hard drive, in search of this essay/rumination that I wrote several years ago, so I could post it.

And I must roll my eyes up to heaven and ask:

If it isn't here, WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

I do have: a single page of a sermon, and some text from my LiveJournal blog (perhaps I'll have to bust that out, but it's only the 4th; I'm not quite that desperate yet.

My husband has jet lag from the time change. He was just telling me. I'm totally not kidding.

We did indeed go to the New Trader Joe's in Columbia, and my child was a raging terror. We got out with a loaf of bread. (Okay, 2 packages of cookies for the worship music team, and a loaf of bread.)It's good.

Also mysterious - I played miniature golf today. My legs are as sore as if I had run a cross-country match. (I IMAGINE.) Why? I mean, the course was on a hill, but honestly.

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