Monday, November 12, 2007

What I'm reading:

This is perfect for this moment in my life - little page-and-a-half mini-sketches, reminiscences about meals and snacks, from the singer from Franz Ferdinand. He's a Glasgwegian, and had worked for years as a sous chef, and now he's touring the world, singing and eating. I think these appeared in his hometown newspaper.

Anyway, it's perfect for whipping out in the car or standing in line, which there is a lot of. Plus, these days, cooking and grocery shopping is a serious creative outlet for me. We eat at home practically every night, and I'm the one who's cooking. We're knee deep in new recipes and weird ingredients. (There's one good thing about eating in restaurants for so many years - even yuppie groceries seem like a bargain.)

Anyway, tonight we ate a Rachel Ray recipe here that actually does come out looking like this:

and is very tasty. And not ridiculously unhealthy.

Except for the PORK CHOPS.

This is tomorrow night's recipe. I'll let you know.

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