Wednesday, February 28, 2007

breifly - a couple, maybe 3 weeks ago, we had the Week of Vomit.

Ian started Saturday night. (Babies, it seems, are weirdly non-plussed by throwing up, though it freaks their poor mothers the F out. He had never thrown up before! I was busily paging through The 3am Book, a resource that tells you, in effect, when to take your kid to the emergency room. 3am, I'm sitting in bed, hyperventilating, trying to read this book. Ian, having surrendered his stomach contents and now feeling utterly fabulous, is standing beside me, naked, trying to wrestle the book out of my hands because it has a picture of a dog - a boy hugging a dog - on the cover."DAAAAH!!! he yells, and slaps the book.)

(So, while I may remember the night as the start of the Week of Vomit, Ian will recall it as the night that Mama wouldn't let him read the Dog Book. She's so mean.)

Anyway, he felt better immediately. I took the Tues-Wed-Thurs shift, and then Eric came in to finish the week strong, narrrowly missing a trip to the ER for intravenous fluids.

That was also the week that Betsy Misplaced the $600 Drugs. (I found them eventually.) They're actually very effective - it's a special anti-nausea drug that dissolves in your mouth, so you don't have to be able to keep water down in order to take them. They're rather miraculous. Chemo patients take them. Chemo patients, and my husband.

It's a good thing we have some left over.

It's back.

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Stacie said...

Oh, hon. I'm sorry. Hang in there! Some time when Ian isn't quite so new I'll tell you about our frantic ambulance ride from our local hospital's ER to Children's Hospital and the urgent care nurse who got fired for continuously blowing us off the entire day before. Good times.

But look, we're sharing a moment -- I spent 2:30-ish to 3:30-ish a.m. this morning cleaning vomit off of Sean's wall. Apparently any time this child vomits? It's projectile. He spent the rest of the night in a sleeping bag on the guest room floor (we haven't got a bed in there yet.) I knew I must really be in love with this kid when instead of being annoyed by the lack of sleep I just wanted to keep rubbing his head and telling him he'd be ok.

And? Disolving oral anti-nausea medication is way better than the other anti-nausea we've had for Liam in the past. It may disolve quickly, but not in your mouth...