Monday, February 05, 2007

via Bob Carlton.

Had a lovely meandering phone conversation with a friend today - one who lives in upstate NY. I thought I would check on her, thinking that she was in the path of the snow. No snow to speak of, although it has been about -500 degrees there, so thst'a rather inconvenient. It's in the single digits here, which I thought was awful until talking to N.; I didn't even leave the house today. I of course am fearless in the face of icy blasts, being as I am from UP NORTH.

Confession: Of course, that's utterly bogus. In the first place, it's only central Pennsylvania that I'm from, not the Yukon; and, in truth, the weather where I grew up is milder on both sides, both warmer in winter and cooler in summer, than it is here.

Anyway, though I am fearless, I couldn't possibly expose my innocent baby to the skin-chapping, weenie-shrinking cold, even in his practically uncountable layers of adorable baby clothes.

Have you noticed my sarcastic new tags? It's my protest against the New and Allegedly Improved Blogger. You HAVE TO upgrade, and when you do, you HAVE TO get yourself Yahoo! account. THIS is why we will one day run out of bandwidth, people. Because I am REQUIRED to have 40 different identities in cyberspace.

Soon I will have another, since I will also be forced to upgrade my Flickr account, which will require me to add on a Google i.d.

Did you know my husband has 14 email addresses? I just chided him for not having a GMail address, and he hopped online, and now he has another.

The tags are also an homage toLaid-Off Dad.

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