Sunday, February 11, 2007

dance like a monkey

Video lights are not a friend to David Johannsen.

Caught a little bit of the reconsitiuted New York Dolls on Soundstage this afternoon.

I was kind a Dolls fan in theory. Which is to say, they broke up in like 1977, so I sort of missed them. Plus they only made 2 albums, and they weren't exactly the sort of thing that you'd find in the Sam Goody's in Selinsgrove. So I had read about them, gasped in nervous delight over their scandalous press photos in the Village Voice... but I hadn't really heard them.

Of course I like them. Their songs are kind of like Ramones discards - rejected for lacking subtlety - but for my money, thats's still pretty good. Only two of the original members (David Johannsen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain) are still alive, but the replacement guys played great.

Johannsen not so much. His voice wasn't great in the 70s; on Soundstage, he was visibly winded a bunch of times. Also - seriously, dude, sleeveless was a bad idea. He's thin enough, but his 'Hi Helen' action could certainly have been managed better.

But hey look!

Check out the newsboy cap with the blue jean stitching. With the little pocket.

The first boy who I french-kissed was wearing that hat. At the time.

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