Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Update.

I do believe that Ornette Coleman is going to die of a stroke from having to give Carrie Underwood an award.

Also, didn't Andy look pissed?

Worst dress: Natalie Mains' performance costume.
Best jacket: Common's grey leather Nehru.

OH WAIT! We have a new contender for worst dress: Smoky Robinson's outfit.
New Rule: If you are a man, and you are planning to wear a beaded lace blouse and satin leggings to perform, do not accessorize with two diamond hoop earrings.

Um, unless you're David Johannsen.

In 1974.

1 comment:

Jadefeminist said...

Didn't Natalie look like she was a roll of toilet paper? And Emily and Martie were both dressed as Robert Palmer girls.

Natalie is my hero even if she does want to be Bridal Barbie for her Grammy performance.