Saturday, November 24, 2007

I joined Ravelry! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, except maybe track down someone who wants to sell me some discontinued Lion Micro-Spun. (This is my best-loved discontinued yarn of the moment. It's what the dinosaur is made of.

Speaking of the dinosaur, I spent a good deal of this holiday knitting away at the freehand, top-down rugby-striped brontsaurus in the round. I have been lovingly paring decreases o.n the torso. (I went a little crazy with the increases and the short rows and now have to take drastic action to keep it from turning into some demented beachball with a sock sticking out of it.)

ACK! By this time tomorrow I will be DONE PREACHING my first official grown-up big-church sermon. I think it's good, and yet I want to barf a little.

Here's a classic Betsy concern: I don't know what I'm wearing! (to preach, I mean. I know what I'm wearing now.)

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TeamDandy said...

Hey, you need to post a follow-up regarding how your sermon went! First service was great... especially after I realized that you were comfortable that no dialogue from the movie would slip out that shouldn't, I was able to relax about any dialogue slipping out that shouldn't.

And I can honestly say that your message changed my life - I made a move today toward a friend that involved more than words and I wouldn't have otherwise done that.