Saturday, November 10, 2007

Several fairly bad ideas.

it is a bad idea to go to a discount optician in a large regional shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon.

It is a somewhat bad idea, or rather a naive one, to imagine that bifocals will be included in the "2 pr for $99" special.

Or that you can get them in one hour.

It is a bad idea to take a 2-year-old with you.

It is a bad idea to assume that your 2-year-old will be able to play in the enormous indoor play area at the children's store, since the store might have dispensed with the play area in the last 6 months and replaced it with a shoe department.

However, when you are waiting at the discount opticians, and your child has taken a much-needed break from RUNNING AROUND SCREECHING and plopped himself down in front of the TV;
and when a promo for "Family Guy" comes on the TV;
and when your 2-year-old LEAPS TO HIS FEET WITH EXCITEMENT and run up to the TV for a better view, it is probably a better idea to chuckle ruefully than to hold your head in your hands and moan in humiliation.


TeamDandy said...

You're talking about The Children's Place, aren't you?? I was just as surprised a week ago when I saw that shoe section in the location where Kevin and I spent many an hour his first winter with us when it was too cold to play outside and I was too strung-out to play with him myself.

And yeah, what was up with the malls this weekend? It was like the week before Christmas or something. Insane.

betsy said...

it was COMPLETELY insane. Yes, Children's place, dammit. There is NOTHING for a toddler to do safely at Arundel Mills when not strapped into a cart. This is very bad planning, extremely shortsighted.

You should have seen all the very sad fathers with their very tantrummy babies, fighting to get out of their strollers. If there was some place for one parent to take these kids and let them toddle/run/crawl around, the other parent would have MUCH more time to spend MUCH more money.