Saturday, January 26, 2008

It is so good, so good you see!

About that macaroni and cheese from the other night: I am eating almost-the-last-bit right now, and it is not okay or pretty good, it is awesome. I will be making this once a week at least for the rest of our lives, our cheese budget (cheese budget?) will go to hell and my kid will weigh 200 lbs at his 36-month checkup AND I WILL NOT CARE.

something else awesome:

It's "Tupperware" (it's not actually Tupperware brand, it's Rubbermaid brand. You know what I mean, though - stuff for storing leftovers.)
It's FLAT.
It stores with the lid attached. In regular-depth drawers.
It seals perfectly.
It's translucent.
It even looks nice in the fridge.
You can buy it at the supermarket.

This is by far the most excellent kitchen product I have ever used. I got it for Christmas a year ago from my mom-in-law, and it's allowed me to get rid of a lot of my miscellaneous food storage junk with lids that, you know, pretty much fit....Now it's all Rubbermaid.

Edited to say: Through the wonders of the Internet, I find that I am not alone in my love for the Rubbermaid collapsibles. No less unlikely a forum that the discussion board has a topic devoted exclusively to praising this product.

Sometimes I think the world is getting weirder - which is to say, more interesting - by the minute.

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