Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Question: #544 What if Christ does not accept me as I am?

Answer: You are seriously jacked.

You can admire Mark Driscoll or hate him (I'm not a fan) (duh) but this is fascinating.

What I think is interesting:
1. The whole idea - not unique, but thought-provoking nonetheless

2. The content of the questions that won a place in the series.

3. Driscoll's blog responses to the process (click on 'what mark is thinking' to see)

What I wonder about:
1. The idea of leaving the question open to the whole internet, rather than asking the congregation who will be in the room for the series. I understand it, I think, but I don't know that it's the decision I would have made.

2. Is there a place to see all the questions, and how they ranked?

I also want to give props to the web designer - yeah, the video ('How this works' page) loads slow and plays jerky, but major background love! And the empty chair. Also love.

(Don't hate me! I am not commending Driscoll's theology or personal charm! I just like the peeling paint. The peeling paint is worthy of commendation.)

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