Friday, January 25, 2008


The mac and cheese only seemed screwed up - it actually came out pretty good. I'll use sharper cheese next time. (And I'll try the 'don't bother to make white sauce' recipes left the comments. Actual conversation in the kitchen that night:

Husband: I know this will be good, but jeez, it sure seems like a lot of work for macaroni. Couldn't you just, like, put cheese on macaroni?

Me: Snort. Philistine. Please allow me to enlighten you about the importance of white sauce in baked dishes.

Husband: (backs away quietly when I turn to stir the SOLID BOULDERS OF FLOUR that have formed in my pan of hot grease.) (actually, to whap them with my wooden spoon. Repeatedly.) (It worked out eventually.)

Anyway, as I said, a little bland, but good -good texture, balanced, fairly light. Fluffy inside, chewy crust.

But why take my word for it? Let's hear from the experts:

World's Cutest Toddler: (Takes one handful and gasps, loudly enough that I worried that he had burned himself. He gaped at his father.) Oh, this is SO good!

Thanks, too, for your CSA input. No shares are available at the one farm near(ish) us. I'm looking up 'community gardening.'

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