Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tonight's recipe: our favorite chili

is Clyde's Famous Chili (click on 'recipes' and select 'Famous Chili'.)

Eric made it, as he almost always does (I have made it exactly once, and hereby declare the recipe 100% foolproof.) It's relatively fast, for chili, and delicious, and it was a huge hit with the discipleship group.

For some reason, I expected them to be reticent about food, or maybe about messy red food composed of dead animals. I had totally misjudged them. They dug in like...well, like theatre students at a wine and cheese reception. (That's quite a sight, believe me.)

Even Ian likes it! Ian, in fact, loves it, and will be more than happy to sit in your lap for hours and scam most of your bowlful. One bean at a time.

So go forth and make chili. That is my advice to you.

Blog Maintenance Department: I just fixed my 'stalk me' links. Go me.

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