Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CSA Take Two: The Festival of Leaves continues.

Alternate title: Beets Me!

So we got another pile of leaves last week, and I have been very uncreative about what to do with them. BUT tonight I made a great salad:

various mystery greens
(big bowlful, torn up, split between 2 plates)

3 large beets, roasted last night, chopped up
corn cut from 1 cob, leftover from last night
2 or so green onions, chopped

Piece of salmon filet, broiled with soy sauce, honey and chili-garlic sauce. halved. (This is great because it only takes like 5 minutes.)

I bought some beets at the supermarket yesterday, and I roasted them (like this except I forgot to put foil on the pan - it just takes a little longer). As the page suggests, I made a vinegrette with orange juice, ginger, olive oil and red wine vinegar, chopped the beets into large messy chunks, combined beets and dressing and put it all in the fridge overnight.

For dinner: plate some greens, plop chunks of chilled beets around the outside, drop a portion of salmon in the center, sprinkle chilled corn and green onions all over, drizzle on the red liquid left in the beet bowl. A little sea salt.

This turned out to be a great combination of warm and cold, acidic and sweet, crusty and juicy, fresh and salty. It was also completely gorgeous - brilliant red, pale yellow, shades of green. I really recommend this.

Popsicle of the day: Raspberry yogurt, frozen blueberries! Very good.

Customer Service Success Story of the Day: West Bend
(who made my popsicle molds, under the brand name Back to Basics) is sending me more popsicle molds! Now we can have, like, a popsicle dinner party! Go buy yourself some of these. They're at Target, with the snow cone syrups and ice shavers.

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