Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Food things:

1. Totally rockin' new blog I found, which I want to read every day:
I love everything about this, from the title, to the NYCness of it, to the fact that someone else has a snack jail in their house. Dig it.

2. We bought these popsicle molds, the cheepies from the Target seasonal endcap. We have been in frozen treat heaven for days - green tea with a little lemon, blueberries in lemonade, sliced strawberries in orange juice, banana and strawberry with a little peach yogurt to hold it together. This last one was especially bliss - I don't even like bananas that much, but they make one brilliant popsicle. I really like the design of the molds, too - just 4 little molds, a couple of ounces each, with a nice little drip-catcher built into the stick.

Anyway, I was planning a new blog feature - Popsicle of the Day! - with photos! - but today I broke one of the damned little plastic sticks! And do you think I can find the manufacturer of these things? I have looked at every retail home ice mold on the entire internet. I certainly think that the company will mail me a stupid replacement stick...if I can track them down. Apparently this will involved a trip to Target where I will have to brandish the broken stick and then (when that gets me nothin') probably have to stand around copying down the manufacturer's info off the package.

YES I am too cheap to buy another $3.49 set. Worse, it would be wasteful! I don't need a new set, I need one new stick.

Because I have decided that we must have homemade popsicles every day.


Katy V. said...

Would just a regular old popsicle stick work if you ate the thing really quickly so it didn't drip when you were done?

Great food blog you pointed us to!

Jennette said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and mentioning snackreligious. Is it scary simpatico that I just wrote about wanting a popsicle mold? I'd better read the rest of your blog!

betsy said...

Spiritmists - it could. But not for our main popsicle critic, who is two years old (so,as you can imagine, the drip guard is absolutely vital.)

Also, I can't find a stick.

Maybe a butterknife....