Sunday, June 22, 2008

Um, no kidding.

"Mothers and toddlers were arguing on average between 20-25 times an hour..." write Lehigh University's Deborah Laible, PhD, and colleagues.

Why thanks, CBS News!

Oh, wait! What's that you say, Boston Globe? You have some thing to add to this conversation?
Oh - you say it's really not directly related, it happened to remind you that Nearly half of all pregnancies are accidents.

Yeah, okay, thanks for mentioning.

(Oh, piss off. He's the Most. Awesome. Accident. EVER.)
(Plus - he's above average!)

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that, fifteen years from now, he's going to come upon this snarky comment while perusing the Internet Wayback Machine, and be traumatized/scarred for life by this "proof" that he was "unwanted".........